Young Carers Festival 2017

Young Carers Festival 2017

30th June – 2nd July 2017

The young carers festival is a festival for young carers nationally to come and enjoy a weekend away from there caring responsibilities,the young carers festival happens every year, the festival consists of weekend of camping in fairthorne manor. It is an opportunity for young carers to meet other young carers and share experience of there projects and responsibilities.

The Young carers festival is an amazing experience for the workers and the carers as you get to meet new people and relax and just enjoy yourself. This year at the festival their were many activity to do such as they have a fairground rides and many competitions with great prizes. this year was the YMCA young carers festival 18th Birthday so they were handing out cake to everyone.

I attended the young carers festival as a volunteer this year and it was an amazing experience for me as I met many young carers face to face and enjoyed the activities the f such as the stand up paddle boarding and I was amazed by the silent disco

By the secret young person