Work Experience

Work Experience 2017

Every year, the majority of year 10 students have two weeks of experiencing the life of work. Some people go to two different places over the two week period.

On my work experience I went to a local learning centre where i learnt new skills and had a good experience. I have learnt how to restock and how to use the coffee machine. This has improved my communication skills, which weren’t that good before i came here. I directed a few customers to different meeting rooms and also coordinating the daily post.

I think work experience is good because it gives people an idea of what work is like before they apply for a job.It gives them an insight on the working life and offers them different transferable skills.

I came to my work experience because of the manager of the organisation was very helpful and supportive. He helped me to improve my communication skills and being proactive. I also improved my timekeeping skills,For example attending work on time and returning from break on time.