Volunteering with NCS


‘It all starts at yes’ the motto I learnt at NCS has stuck with me throughout the three years since I participated in the 4 week course throughout July 2014 and I have now gone on to receive my 500 hours congratulations trophy and certificate for volunteering.

My journey began, as said, by taking part in National Citizen Service with BCHA, a course that improved my confidence and gave me the opportunity to improve so many skills such as communication, team work and leadership. My first taste of volunteering was during the final week in which within a team we worked to fix and build a pond for new leaf allotment gaining a certificate for 30 hours of volunteering. Due to how much I enjoyed the course and the social action project I decided to join BCHA’s NCS graduate youth board so that I would be able to give back to the programme and take part in any more opportunities which included attending a TEDxTeen event, helping out with other social action projects and volunteering as a mentor on an NCS the following summer as well as many more.

These opportunities led to me sitting as the South West representative for UK Youth Voice from September 2015, an amazing group for young people from across the nation to provide their knowledge and opinions to help shape the charity (UK Youth) and what the charity offers. I was able to be a part of this due to NCS posting an opportunity to attend an annual youth conference run by UK youth voice at their headquarters at Avon Tyrell in Bransgore which led to me applying for the south west representative position and successfully being accepted! With UK youth voice, I have gone on to attend countless meetings and experienced lots of amazing events across the UK including the positive 4 youth awards, appg meetings at parliament, youth conferences etc. The latest opportunity being visiting Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh by being a part of the BIPA project, working on policies affecting young people in the five nations of the UK and Ireland.

Being a part of the NCS youth board I was also able to attend a youth conference in October 2015 which detailed other opportunities in the Bournemouth area, one of these being Bournemouth Youth Committee. I began attending Bournemouth Youth Committee every Wednesday throughout the year and this group offered me a chilled place to express ideas and help out with issues regarding the Bournemouth area that were related to young people. These included presenting results of a bullying survey carried out to Bournemouth council, helping on a youth panel for the Dorset police commissioner and also attending a youth parliament meeting in Taunton. The most enjoyable part of the committee was being able to help with ongoing projects that were close to home and affected the members of the group. One of the greatest things I got out of the group was a best friend whom I know I will be friends with for a while.

My volunteering journey has been wonderful and exciting and I cant wait to continue it and see where it takes me. Not only does it improve my CV but mainly allows me to give back to other people and have an opportunity to express my opinions and ideas as a young person.