SnapChat update, my opinion

The Snap Chat Update

The new Snap Chat update allowing you to share location

(All opinions expressed in this blog entry are those of the young person and only the young person) Nowadays Snap Chat is a daily routine for most young people, myself being one of them. Infact I wouldn’t say a daily but more like hourly.

So when the option of an update came up, I was first of my friends to get it. The ‘Snap Map. Where you share your location with your contacts by a mini you that you design.
Interesting right? I was excited and just like magic, by pinching the screen out these were the first set of screens I saw –

I decided to go ‘Ghost Mode’ when I first entered the maps, just so I could understand how to use it. Later in the day I noticed more friends had joined so I made myself visible. I found it entertaining that I could find my closest friends and joke to them when I saw them at MacDonald’s late in the evening and when they spent the whole weekend not moving from their house but then it clicked that people I wouldn’t normally share my location with, could do this too me so I quickly went back onto ‘Ghost Mode’. Luckily this was a really simple step. When on the map, click the top right corner and select the mode.

I search Google to find I wasn’t the only one aware that there was a safety issue with the new update and that it was suddenly all in the palm of your hands where my Snap Chat friends where.

I brought this up with my friends (some with other views) and after talking I realized that if I am uncomfortable with some friends on there that maybe it would be easier to remove them from my contacts altogether? They weren’t my real friends and some I had only met once or twice so it didn’t really matter to be when I had removed the. I instantly felt safer and that sharing my location with those I trust wasn’t such a worry anymore.

I enjoy getting those jokes that I gave my friends when i’m at MacDonald’s at 1am and laugh to myself when I notice that I haven’t moved from bed all day even when the weather outside is 24 degrees.

I understand the caution for many people and parents and why it may be an issue but I have thought about it and taken action on those I feel like shouldn’t be seeing my location.