Opinion on ‘Murdered For Being Different’

An opinion of BBC Three’s documentary of ‘Murdered For Being Different’

All opinions are those of the young person and only the young person AND may contain spoilers.
Murdered For Being Different.
What does this word even mean and how do you know how to compare someone as different?
Who out there is the same as anyone, we are all individual and unique, therefore all different.

BBC Three perfectly put together a distinctive documentary that grabbed me by just the first two words of the title, Murdered for. Being murdered is unacceptable as it is, let along being murdered for a reason. No one should ever be murdered or murdered for being different.

Captivating you with the first screen of ‘This is a true story.’But within the first three minutes you find love for the characters and burst into tears.
This was when I thought I should probably turn it off, I couldn’t even last three minutes without crying, how was I going to cope with 60 minutes! I then remembered that I’am crying because it is real. Those three minutes happened and I knew I couldn’t turn it off because those characters may only been playing a role but someone went through that. I knew I had to watch.
Everything from there happens so quickly, sort of in flash back style whilst you get to watch Sophie and Rob fall in-love. The love shown was so innocent and so pure but you are reminded of the first three minutes the whole time, picturing them lying on the floor when watching them kiss with hundreds of thousand white feathers fall from the ceiling. They are both presented as being linked with gothic clothing and being apart of the gothic subculture.

Nowadays it is too easy to judge someone on how they present themselves. Bullying is one of the biggest issues you face at school and to think being bullied because you don’t wear something ‘normal’ is crazy. What even is ‘normal’. Does ‘normal’ even exist?
Having just left school for the summer and then watching this, I realised it was happening all around me all the time and no one never noticed because it basically became a routine for some people. I can’t imagine what people are going through but I know that making some one feel poor about themselves never makes you feel good.

After watching I went and looked up those who had taken part in the attack and wondered where they all where now as I was so interested by the story. Head to BBC iPlayer to watch the documentary.