Open evening at the Youth Committee

Open evening at the Youth Committee

– Attending my first meeting

The youth committee is group for young people to attend and put across the views that they have. These views could potentially improve the service the council provides and the experiences that young people have within Bournemouth.

Staff at Sussed Advice Centre, Kinson were great listeners and enjoyed hearing a young persons view on Bournemouth The committee is a friendly place and everyone who attends are very welcoming. They involve you in all sorts of tasks and don’t make you feel like a “new attender”. Everyone there gets along well as they are very relaxed group of young people.

Whilst there I was able to talk to people who share the same opinions about changes that are happening in Bournemouth i.e. job openings on B-Town Youths Go For It and various topics that affect young people such as Driving Theory Tests. From here we were able to share experiences and help each other as some had passed their tests and others were learning.

Being in the Youth Committee is always a great experience, one that you wont forget for a long time 🙂
By The Secret Young Person 8