New Starts

New Starts

Nervous but excited. The weird combination of feelings that happen at different times during our lives. Mine, mine was when I was leaving my first serious job. I understand that happens to most people, pretty regularly but I found this one different as it was my first.
I had worked other jobs, all of which where part time whilst I was at school. Once leaving school I knew I had to get something more serious, something which was 9am till 5pm five times a week. This all seemed easy after leaving school, it was two hours more a day which didn’t sound fun but once pay day came around it all seemed fine.
I chose an apprenticeship, an option to get paid whilst I learned, a great opportunity if you ask me and I’d do it all again if I was still in school years but now it was time for the learning to stop, even if it was for a little while (I’m still deciding on whether university is for me and all that).

Anyway back to the point, my apprenticeship is up and I’m leaving to start somewhere new. New. New has been used a few times this year for me, since getting paid to learn I bought myself a new phone and a new car along with many new items of clothing and more but this new is new to me. I have had the same routine for the last year, I have been around the same people all year too (different to school because you had different classes everyday). I’ve been made to feel very welcome and an important part of the team which is why I am nervous to start somewhere new. A lot of it is obviously me overthinking myself into a small space until I don’t want to leave anymore, luckily for me I don’t have much choice as my contract is up anyway, so starting somewhere new is going to happen.

At what point did I get excited? Pretty much as soon as ‘my new team invited me to join them. Don’t get me wrong, my current job still excites me daily but this excited gave me butterflies. The job sounds super interesting and meeting new team members is all part of starting fresh. Something which I look forward to doing.

Keeping in contact with my old team members is something I want to do, it is something joked about on the last day but with many of the staff I take it seriously. I have made friends whilst working and it is something that is important to me.

Enjoy your NEW starts, whatever it may be.