Interview Help

Interview Help

I am currently at the end of my apprenticeship and looking for a full time job, but unfortunately I have always struggled with interviews and how to appropriately answer the questions they ask. Until I was introduced to this website!


This website is a live interview but with a twist, you answer the question and it would offer feedback on how you answered. It would say an example of an positive answer and explain what the interviewer is looking for. I think this would be very useful for many young people as an interview is very frightening thing.

B-Town Youth also have an amazing document in there GFI section on interviews and how to prepare your self for an interview, this is really useful as it offers tips and tricks on what to wear and also what not to do when arriving and also what to take. I think this could be really useful for many young people.

Click here to go the B-Town youth page

By the secret young person 🙂