Finding a Weekend Job

Fingding a Weekend Job

Finding a weekend job in Bournemouth can be very hard, I am currently at collage studying Business BTEC and need a weekend job to help pay for my wants and needs such as going to concerts, learning to drive and going out with my friends. I have written my CV and handed it out to many places in Bournemouth such as Sprinkles but have not heard anything back. This is a bit upsetting for me as I feel I need to earn a bit of money instead of always borrowing money of my parents.

A problem for me is that many business want permanent places, but unfortunately for me due to my studying I cannot do a permanent job. Also, to the amount of people in Bournemouth that need a job is a large amount this mean there will be more competition.

If anyone could help and recommended places on the B-Town Youth Facebook page, it would be so badly appreciated! Thank you!!!

By the Secret Young Person 4 🙂