Finding a Full-Time Job In Bournemouth

Finding A Full-Time Job in Bournemouth

I have always found it hard to find a job in Bournemouth, as most places want an employee with experience of that job but when you are young the experience isn’t a lot, as I would have just left school and found a job but not the I wanted. The most frustrating thing for me is when you apply for a job but the employer doesn’t seem to contact you back to say whether you have or haven’t got the job, which I feel is unfair. My last option is to go to an Agent for help but for now I am still looking for jobs in Bournemouth that suits me.

If anyone could offer any support and recommend any jobs in Bournemouth on the B-Town youth twitter or Facebook page it would be appreciated.

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Editors note…….we regularly post jobs and opportunities on Social Media and we also have our GFI section that offers loads of advice on jobs, employment and training.