The Beginning of Festival Season

Festival Season

July marks the start of late nights and live music

Summer is easily my favourite season with July and August being my favourite months (even when working full time and missing out on summer holidays). Just everything about these two months and this season make me more relaxed and happy, especially as it turns festival season and late nights are now more acceptable.

Festivals for me are the best way to spend time with my friends. We all have the same music taste so it makes picking a festival out easy. Over the last few years we have attended Wireless Festival 3 times, V Festival 2 times, Bestival once and Boardmasters once. All these offered an amazing, once in a life time experience, all different to each other.

I would defiantly recommend these festivals if you can cope with extremely loud live music!

I also enjoy spending evening down the beach until late, it is beautiful to watch the sunset and hear the waves of the ocean come in. Although this can be done all year, in the winter it is so cold that you don not pay much attention.