The dreaded Driving Theory Test

Driving Theory Test

Give yourself enough time to revise. I booked mine a month in advance so I had enough time to revise and take many practice tests. I felt the best app to use was the DVLA theory test pro.

Once you arrive at the test centre, you will have to walk up a lot of stairs. You go to the desk and get a locker key and all your items go in there apart from your licence and then you are given a A4 sheet with all the rules and regulations. Reed through that just to make you relax a bit more, once you have read through the document go back to the desk and hand it in and then they will send you down to the test where another person will check your arms for any writing and then your driving licence and once this is clear they will send you in to the test where on your desk is a pair of headphones if you have selected to have a voice over you place them on your head and then carry on to read the instructions on the screen.

The theory test is made up of 2 parts so the first part is a knowledge area meaning you have 50 questions on different subjects such as the stopping distance and what different road signs mean. The second part of the test is a Hazard perception and on this part you are shown 14 videos and when you see a hazard while going through the videos you will have to click on the mouse, each hazard is marked out of 5 so when the first arises its five points if you click but if it happens and you click you may get 1 point or no points. To pass this test you will need 86% meaning 43/50 on the Knowledge part and 44/75 on the Hazard Perception.

Once your test has finished you will leave your seat and head back out the door you came in and then your licence will be checked again and sent back up to the main desk where you will have to collect your items out of the locker and then go back to the reception and collect your results. If you have passed you will have a small certificate at the bottom of the results and if you have failed don’t worry rebook it in 3 days after the test and just revise more and you should be a bit more confident and then pass, some people take longer than others so don’t worry.

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By the Secret young person