Driving Test

Driving Test

So I was pretty nervous for my  driving test, worried I would get an examiner that would sit there in stony silence or that’d I’d mess up the reverse round the corner (what even is the point in this) or do something stupid I’d never done before. I even spent the night before trying to memorise the ‘show me, tell me questions’ though thank god I didn’t have to open the bonnet at all for mine.

When you first arrive with the instructor you go into a little waiting room. I would definitely recommend not getting there too early, I was only sat for about 5 minutes before the examiners came into the room one by one, calling the name of the person they were taking, and I feel like I would definitely be over-thinking things and worrying if I was sat for ages, constantly checking the time. Also remember your provisional license! My theory certificate didn’t get checked but its  worth taking it just in case. After walking to the car just outside the centre you straight away get asked one ‘show me’ and one ‘tell me’ question about the car controls or safety and get a little brief before setting off.

As I went off it was weird as it just felt like a normal lesson (ignoring the high visibility jacket of the examiner), though I was quite lucky, getting a town centre route that I had done in a few lessons before. I did have to do a slip road onto a dual carriageway which I absolutely HATE, but managed to do that okay in the end. The examiner was so nice as well, talking to me as I went round and giving some help on tricky roads or less clear signs which was helpful.

So most of the test includes the instructors giving directions, or if they don’t tell you, just go ahead. I started off with the manoeuvre, pretty glad to get it out the way, then quite quickly went on the 10 minute independent drive, following the signs to Town Centre and then the BIC, then the rest was given directions, back towards the test centre. They also tell you at the beginning of the test  in the brief that you may have to do a controlled emergency stop though I didn’t end up having to do one. It all went so fast, it doesn’t feel anywhere near the 40 minutes it is, though perhaps the worst thing was them not telling me whether I’d passed or failed as soon as we arrived back, sitting there awkwardly as they filled out the paperwork first. I definitely feel like treating it as a lesson really helped, so I actually felt quite relaxed in the end and don’t over-analyse any mistakes you do make, as its likely they will be a minor at most.

Good luck to anyone taking their test!

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