College, What’s it like?

Whats its like at College

College is an amazing place as they treat you more like an adult. There is so much more freedom than 6th form in college, you could be there most days but the course I study (travel and tourism) is mainly based round 3 days. This gives you the other 2 days to start or finish assignments or generally have a break.

College has a wide age range but everyone gets accepted into the campus and you can have friends of all ages. College is great fun because you can make so many new friends and still see your old friends from secondary!!

I study Travel and tourism at collage and I think it is one of the best subjects. They don’t always want you to be kept in class all the time so we love to do many trips such as: Paultons Park, London travel market, talks at Bournemouth Uni, Southampton Uni and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris. This was such an amazing experience when you don’t really like rides but it’s not often you get to go to such a well-known place, you have to go experience it all!!!

By The Secret young Person!!