BH2’s Five Guys Burger place

My Five Guys Burger Experience

The latest restaurant to open in the new BH2, Bournemouth!

Amazing. Spectacular, and just WOW.
I was the last of my friends to try one of the famous and most talked about burgers in Bournemouth at the moment. I had heard so many wonderful things that I was worried if I wouldn’t have the same experience but its past them all.
The burger menu was simple, large or small burgers with cheese, bacon or both BUT THEN, a choice of 15 toppings ranging from onions, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and more. It was insane and perhaps one of the best burgers I have had in a long time!
There was a hot dog menu, sandwhich menu and a choice of two fries (Broadwalk or Cajun), then a wide range milkshakes or fizzy drinks.
The Secret Young Person.