Young Carers Awareness Day

Young Carers Awareness Day 2018

It’s Young Carers Awareness Day 2018 This page contains some Case Studies as well as a Quiz about Young Carers. You can find out more about Bournemouth Young Carers here or by clicking on the link in the ‘What we offer?’ menu.

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1. How many young carers are there in the UK?

A survey in 2010 by the BBC estimated there to be 700,000 young carers in the UK

2. On average, how many young carers are there in each classroom?

There are an estimated two young carers in every classroom

3. Up to 80% of young carers are missing out on what other children their age are doing. True or False?

True. A Carers Trust survey found that 80% of young carers were missing out on their childhood because of their caring role

4. Young carers do better than their peers at GCSE level? True or False?

False. Young carers don’t do as well at GCSE level as their peers (juggling caring and education can be tough!)

5. Most teachers know who the young carers are in their class. True or False?

False. A survey found that 42% of young carers said there was not a particular person at school who recognised them as a carer and helped them.

6. What is the average age of a young carer?

The average age of a young carer is 13

7. Young carers are entitled to a carer’s assessment. True or False?

True. Under the Care Act 2014, young carers are entitled to an assessment. It will look at what can be done to make caring easier for a young carer. If you live in Bournemouth and think you’re a Young Carer you can request an assessment here

8. What percentage of young carers are bullied simply because they are helping or caring for someone?

In recent research, a quarter (26%) were bullied at school because they are helping or caring for someone.

9. Most young carers don’t want to go to college or university. True or False?

False. The majority (84%) in a recent survey, said they intended to go to university or college.

10. There are young carers as young as five? True or False

True. Some services are working with younger or infant carers aged 5–8