Takeover Challenge



Children's Commisioner

What is the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge?

Takeover is a fun, hugely successful and exciting engagement project which sees organisations across England opening their doors to children and young people to take over adult roles. It puts children and young people in decision-making positions and encourages organisations and businesses to hear their views. Children gain an insight into the adult world and organisations benefit from a fresh perspective about their work.

What are B-Town doing?

Young People took over the website and social media on 18th November! They were at Bournemouth Town Hall filming 60 second interviews with many of the staff that work at Bournemouth Borough Council to find out more about what the council does.

As part of #TakeoverChallenge Bournemouth also hosted Parliament Day. An article from the Bournemouth Echo can be read here about the event.

Takeover Challenge

All the interviews can be seen below!

Councillor Eddie Coope - Mayor of Bournemouth

Councillor Coope is current Mayor of Bournemouth and represents the Town at Civic events

Aidan Potter

Aidan Potter is an Education Caseworker for Looked After Children

Adam Park

Adam is Bournemouth Borough Councils Senior Information Management Officer

Amy Turner

Alex Dowding

Alex is the Web & Social Media Youth Worker and runs the team that look after B-Town Youth.

Andy Williams

Andy is the Community Safety Manager for the Council and works with communities to address issues and improve the safety of residents.

Becca Robinson

Becca works in the Pathway team supporting Young People who have been in care as they move into adulthood.

Carole Aspden

Carol is the Service Director for Children & Young People. She is charge of all the services that the council provides to support Children & Young People.

Charles Hill

Charlotte Baker

Charlotte works with Young Carers and their families

Chris George

Chris is a Youth Worker and runs the Street Based Youth Team for Bournemouth.

Chris Snelling

Chris is the Drug & Alcohol Action Team Co-Ordinator and works with families affected by drug issues.

Christine Edgeley

Christine is Senior Business support officer in Childrens Social Care

Christine Frampton

Claire Tudge

Dawn Smewing

Dawn is a HR Administrator for Bournemouth Borough Council.

Diego Fernandez

Debbie Longhurst

Debbie is youth Justice Practitioner with the Youth Offending Service.

Emma Baker

Emma works as a Senior Business Support Officer to make sure Looked After Children are provided with the support they need.

Gary Josey

Gary is a Director of Hosuing and Communitites for Bournemouth Borough Council.

Geraint Griffiths

Geraint is the Head of Youth Service for Bournemouth Borough Council and leads the councils team of Youth Workers and Advisers.

Gareth Harris

Gareth is Bournemouth Borough Council’s Senior Information Management Officer.

Graham Waddington

Graham is the Facilities manager at the Town Hall. He and is team are responsible for making sure the building is looked after and fit for purpose for the all the staff that work there.

Helen James

Jack Blankley

Jack is a Volunter and Unpaid Work Co-ordinator.

James Fenby

James is a Senior Information Management Officer for the council. He works in Community Learning and Commissioning.

Jess Latham

Jess is a Occupational Therapist.

Jo Fry

Julie Mckay

Kate Narbey

Kate Narbey is a Road Safety Education Officer.

Kavan Latimer

Kav is Business Support Administrator within the Youth Service.

Kay Errington

Kay is a Startegy Lead Early Years, Early Intervention and Vulnerablilty worker.

Kayleigh Jones

Kayleigh Jones is an Apprentice to Participation Work.

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence works with Looked After Children to achieve the best educational outcomes they can.

Lee Speed

Lee Speed is a Service Support Manager – Youth Service/SDE.

Leval Haughton James

Leval Haughton James is a Post – 16 Education Caseworker

Mary Kourik

Mary is a SEND Team Leader for the council.

Martha Searle

Martha is Community Development Officer for West Howe.

Martin Crowley

Martin works as a SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) Information, Advice and Support Worker for parents and families.

Matt Pitcher

Matt is Head of Electoral Services and Land Charges.

Michael Armstrong

Michael is the Arts & Music Education Coordinator for Soundstorm and is responsible for setting up projects for Young People in music and arts.

Nick Lyons

Nick works with Looked After Children to achieve the best educational outcomes they can.

Sally O'Rielly

Sally is a Service Director PA/Business Support worker within the Council

Sally Shakespeare

Sally Shakespeare is a Student Social Worker

Sam Johnson

Sam is the Councils Equality & Diversity Officer

Samantha Oliver

Sarah Hebden

Sarah works as a Social Worker for the council.

Sarah Norris

Sarah is a Young Carers Support Worker and works directly with Young Carers.

Simon Langston

Simon is a Pathways Worker within the Council.

Stuart Parr

Stu works in the Turnaround Team supporting troubled families.

Sue Hall

Sue Hall is a Interim Team Manager

Suzie Levett

Suzie is a Virtual School Headtecher within the council.

Tara Civil

Tara is one of our Youth Workers within the council.

Vangie Parker

Vangie is the Compliance Team Manager. The team makes sure the council keeps peoples data safely and securely.

Vivian Kitcatt

Vivian Kitcatt is one of our Social Workers with the Bounremouth Borough Council.