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We want YOU to help us shape your local NHS service. Take a look at what there is to improve Dorset’s health care and HAVE YOUR SAY! –

Consultations sets out our proposals to improve health and care services in Dorset as part of a Clinical Services Review. The Clinical Service Reviews (CSR) is being led by the NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG is the Organisation responsible for commissioning – or planning and securing – healthcare in Dorset.
We launched this in-depth review in October 2014 with the aims of assessing the future health needs of people in Dorset and planning how best to meet them. this includes looking at how well our current services work and how they might be reorganised and improved. During the 12 months that follows, we did a great deal of work on how our acute/ larger hospitals might be developed and originally, had hopes to go public consultations in Augusts 2015. however, extensive stakeholder and professional feedback made it clear that more work is needed to be done in a number of areas – in particular around community services are provided, and joint where 90% of services are provided, and joint working between health and care providers. as a result, since August 2015 we have placed significant focus on community health and care services, as well as continuing to work on the options for acute hospitals.

The scale of the review makes it important that we hear your views on how our community services and acute hospitals might be delivered differently to provide safe, high-quality care in Dorset for now and the future.
• Why we need to change health and care services.
• Our vision to change.
• Changes to health and care provided in the community, outside of the major acute hospitals.
• Changes to how acute hospitals services are organised.


Once public consultation has closed, the responses will be carefully analysed by independent experts Opinion Research Services Ltd (ORS), who are working with CCG. The results will be fed back and used to help the Governing Body makes its final decisions in 2017.

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