Men’s Health Week 11th-17th June 2018

Men’s Health Week- 11th- 17th June 2018

When you hear the words ‘Mens Health’ you might automatically think of the magazine with a well-toned guy flexing his muscles on the front. I think most us know healthy choices equals healthy body and mind so we are not going to talk about that this week. If you do want some help making healthy choices check out the link:

This week we are talking about the stuff that makes us wince… yep balls & brains. Mental health affects us all but unfortunately in the past Women seem to get more support and acceptance for being “emotional” or “soft”. As a guy you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Man up” or told to “Grow a pair” or been called a “Pussy” for being softer than rock hard with zero emotion. Well we are here to say being emotional is ok, its normal to have emotions and it takes pretty big Kahunas to step up and say “I’m struggling” to accept help. People are here to listen and advise you, to offer you support.

If you just want to check out a few websites look at the “help & support” section of our website or check out ‘Mind’ a charity with experienced people ready to help:

You can also come to our drop in sessions in Boscombe 507 Tuesday & Thursday 2-5pm or at Sussed on Monday & Wednesday 2-5pm in Kinson where we are happy to listen and advise in a relaxed environment without judgement.

It is reported 20% of young people experience some sort of mental health concerns…. That’s only the reported amount, we are under no illusion the figure is more than that and we just want to say we are here.
Thanks to male celebrities, Men’s mental health is finally getting some attention like these guys; Jamel Edwards & Rapman. Check out Jamals videos on youtube:

So please don’t suffer in silence come and see us or reach out to someone you trust.

OK we’ve spoken about brains now let’s talk balls…. Guys although you’re young it’s never too early to look after your crown jewels, they are yours for life, you don’t get to swap them at 30. STD/STI’s are a serious matter, some guys wear them like a badge of honor but seriously guys you won’t be shouting about it when you can’t get it up or have kids or just as bad you pass something on to your new girlfriend and because of you being reckless and not using a condom she can’t have kids. Yes the medical world has developed treatments for many of the STD/STI’s but what if you’re too late? What if it’s already done the damage? You really can’t take responsibility for anyone else’s choices to have unprotected sex but you can look after you & yours.


How many sayings like this do you know? Why not drop in to 507 or Sussed this Men’s Health week during the drop in times mentioned above and share your safe sex slogans with us. At the same time you can talk to us about contraception and sexual health checks. We are here to help you make safe choices. We can arrange a consultation & provide free condoms if appropriate.
Check out the video below, will you answer all the questions correctly?

If you want advice on mental health concerns, sexual health concerns or anything else you need to get off your chest. Pop in during the drop in sessions each week and ask to talk to someone.