Have Your Say

Have Your Say

Who knows what young people like and what young people want? Other than young people.
Have Your Say is a way for young people to be involved in shaping their future and the future of Bournemouth for other young people.
Lots of adults make decisions about a range of things which impact on young people, many without even asking them their thoughts. Bournemouth Youth Service has a team dedicated to supporting young people to get their voice heard and becoming involved in the process of making decisions. Young People have a right to be involved and have their voices heard in decisions that will impact them. This right is underpinned by the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Article 12.


There are a number of ways that young people in Bournemouth can get their thoughts and feelings across, both physically and virtually. You could come along to a group or session in person or use Text, Email, Social Media, our Website or even a Letter to have your say. Participation is also all about two-way communication, young people who get involved should expect a response and that is what our team is here to support. Young people who are passionate about a single issue can work together in a supportive environment towards a shared goal.

Ways to get involved could include
• Helping Bournemouth Youth Service to find the best way to support young people into college, work, training or further education

• Finding best ways for young people and adults to communicate

• Considering how Bullying is challenged across Bournemouth

• Take part in our E-Panel.

If you want to get involved or would like more information about what we do, contact Terry Husher at terry.husher@bournemouth.gov.uk or on 07990080436.