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Army Music Apprenticeship Scheme

New Army Music Apprenticeship Scheme

The junior entry Apprenticeship offer will consist of an 18 month apprenticeship which will be broken down into 2 phases;
Phase 1
– 6 month training at AFC Harrogate(ages 16.5 to 18)
Phase 2
– 12 month Traing at the Royal Military School of Music

Curent Rates of Pay are;

Phase 1
– £14,784 Per Annum
Phase 2
– £18,306 Per Annum

Auditions are Febuary/March for a September 2017 Course Start Date

Please do make contact straight away in order to ecpress your intrest, this can be done through facebook on https://en-gb.facebook.com/TheRoyalArtilleryBand/ or twitter on https://twitter.com/raband1762?lang=en or direct to the band recruiting team on http://www.army.mod.uk/music/23942.aspx